Letter: Huge risks in untried system

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IT WAS of interest to read the letter in Friday’s YEP from the Sherburn in Elmet based company Optare.

Without wanting to be too churlish, it is important to point out to them that the support from local residents is primarily centred on their development of battery-powered buses and Mr Saint’s letter reveals a surprising misunderstanding of that sentiment.

The commercial potential offered by battery-powered buses would become more attractive if companies such as Optare, described and marketed them as “cable-free trolleybuses”. It stands to reason that no sensible town or city would want to spend over £100 million on erecting an unnecessary mass (mess) of gantries and overhead cables.

Leeds is risking a lot in considering an untried trolley-bus system. Ignoring the environmental issues and the despoiling of the streetscape, the impact on traffic flows, such as the northern ring road, and the numerous small cross city routes seems to be being ignored. Local communities risk becoming isolated and as for local businesses along the A660, just ask them the extent of any consultation as regards NGT.

NGT has the potential to put Leeds into the headlines, but not necessarily for the right reason, and all of this for a business case which seems to rely on attracting existing bus passengers to change to using a trolleybus.

Doug Kemp, (West Park Residents Association)