Letter: Go for ambition

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ACCORDING to the Financial Times (May 30), the Government is on the point of allocating £15 billion to be spent on infrastructure projects. A league table is being drawn up that rates projects according to how much they could stimulate growth. This follows calls from the Organisation for Economic Cooperation Development (OECD) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for the Government to spend more on infrastructure.

In the light of this, Metro should stop spending time and money pursuing a trolleybus system which would do nothing to improve congestion or the local economy, and devote its efforts to obtaining for Leeds a slice of this new infrastructure fund. The money could be used to build an underground system which would stimulate the local economy and put Leeds light years ahead of rival cities.

And so I ask Keith Wakefield, the leader of the council, and James Lewis, the head of Metro, to dare to be ambitious and draw up plans now for a citywide underground system. It would make congestion a thing of the past, and Leeds, a city with a future. Councillor Carter’s legacy will be the Arena (YEP, May 31). What will your legacy be?

Bob Jones, City Island, Leeds 12