Letter: Give brave soldier a home

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I AM writing regarding your article ‘Redundant soldier’s nightmare’ (YEP, February 15).

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What a shame on Leeds City Council, who were made aware of this situation as far back as September – no priority there then! – and still, after five bids, no hope of a home for his family.

We as a nation send our forces into other people’s conflicts and not just to help keep the peace but to ensure we keep our hands on their precious gold (oil).

As we see all too often, a lot of our service men and women never arrive home to their loved ones.

Not only has this family no home but also the worry of not having a job to support his family.

So shame on you, Leed City Council, your policy is not working. Sit up and listen, find this deserving family a home.

Mrs Patterson, Leeds 15

YEP Letters: February 19