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In response to a few items I’ve read in this paper about suggested bus fares for OAPs. I’m nearly 70 years of age, and so is my wife, and neither of us would object to paying a token fare of say 50p to £1 for bus travel.

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I find N Keer’s comments about this understandable especially as ordinary fares are now £2-£3. Even at our age, my wife and I would never travel one, or even two stops just because it’s free; we’re not that lazy! This is why a fare should be brought in. With regard to travelling to Scarborough, Whitby, Bridlington every few weeks, and OAPs filling up buses therefore not allowing anyone else to travel, I rest my case. I feel this should be curtailed considerably. We travelled to Scarborough on Coastliner once and it took almost four hours! We will never do this again. First Trans-Pennine Express provide a much better service between Leeds and Scarborough and it’s now only a shade over £16 if, like me and my wife, you have a senior railcard. I believe it’s cheaper still if you book in advance. It also takes just one and a quarter hours, a third of that of the bus! We even went on the steam train a couple of years ago from Woodlesford which was absolutely fantastic! We’d recommend that to anyone fancying a day trip to Scarborough!

I’d also like to make mention that train fares in West Yorkshire for OAPs are still good value even though some have more than doubled. Taking the car would be considerably more expensive! I think us OAPs should be grateful for what we have got and not keep moaning like Victor Meldrew!

K and D Ingle, Gildersome

YEP Letters: March 16