Letter: Fanning the flames of discontent

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HOW sad the contrived enthusiasm for the passage of the Olympic torch, the pretence that it will create financial benefit and influence youth attitudes towards sport and society.

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It is an obvious ploy to “sell” the event, which is a money-making and investment coup for London. At best a token gift to placate simmering suspicion and discontent within England’s vassal-state.

In its present grisly form, the games are a cripplingly expensive corporate extravaganza, involving a life-programmes set of denatured fanatics, purporting to represent a nation whose culture, history and significance are now meaningless.

A cult of “higher” (costs) “faster” (bucks) and “further” (into debt). Let the torch be used to find gas leaks in the “House of Conmen”.

P KILROY, Spennithorne Avenue, Leeds

YEP Letters: March 16