Letter: Double decker fear with NGT

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I LIVE in Bramhope and for many years the X84 route has been the subject of a fair amount of criticism as it is the only service running through the village.

As you are aware the X84 is a long route, typically starting in either Skipton or Ilkley. As a consequence it is generally served by double decker buses at peak periods.

Given that NGT requires overhead cabling, how will this affect the use of double decker buses along the route shared by NGT and the X84 service?

Replacing double deckers with single deckers would effectively be a cut in capacity. It is clearly unreasonable to expect bus users in Bramhope to suffer the consequences of poor planning further down the route.

Can I have assurances that Bramhope bus users will not be required to split their journey because the double decker X84 service will be forced to terminate at Boddington Hall because nobody has thought through the peripheral consequences of NGT?

In short, can it be guaranteed that the X84 service will continue to run uninterrupted into the centre of Leeds?

P Brash, Bramhope