Letter: Don’t give patients’ details to drug firms

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THIS Prime Minister thinks that he can do what the hell he wants with the NHS population, with his new money-making ideas.

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Now he wants to help the drug companies who threaten to take their research and manufacturing elsewhere.

This new idea is to give the full details of the lives and problems of people with chronic illness, in the form of their NHS records, to the drug companies in the hope they will speed up some of their results, which may be of benefit to the chronically ill. It’s not that many years that the results of “speeding up the answers” resulted in women all over the world giving birth to babies born with short arms, legs and malformed bodies.

He says that it will be good for those who take part and will be fully monitored and confidential. Has this all been discussed with the medical profession who look after us and who will take the blame if things go wrong or the profession are unable to help with any problems of the aftermath?

It’s bad enough being ill in this country now that the coalition is dismantling even the good things the NHS, in its old form, was capable of. We did think there were some people in the coalition with brains enough to clean up the problem of overmanagement, which was the thing costing money and was getting the service nowhere, but all they are doing is clearing out civil servants who are being paid by the NHS and giving the money saved to private companies who, in the main, think of the end profit margin and not the patient. It’s all happening now, it’s become one big sell-off now with the addition of patients.

He is presently making a big thing about the confidentiality of the patient. The drugs companies that do the research are big and what they do in the main is admirable and we have all benefited, but no-one can tell me that their marketing people will never use our private names and addresses for other things, or sell them to others, as do our charities. They have no qualms about taking a donation from you, then selling your name to other charities and other businesses.

If the readers of newspapers want to do something about this, I suggest you send a letter to your Member of Parliament at the House of Commons, Westminster, London SW1A 0AA. They need to be told by the receipt of millions of letters they cannot do just what they want to the population of this country.

I feel our GPs and hospital medical staff wouldn’t be happy passing our confidential information to anyone in the private sector that could use some of their precious details.

D BIRCH, Cookridge

YEP Letters: March 16