Letter: Councillor should lead by example

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We saw Keith Wakefield tonight on television, as we do many nights, sticking up for those in Leeds City Council who are losing their jobs.

He is very keen to tell us the the reason for these employees losing their jobs is because the city council has not got any money and needs to find £52million in savings.

I see he took from Leeds tax payers in the year leading up to the end of March £51,000 – why not take the lead and, with the rest of his colleagues, decide not to take all the money from us because I do not think, or I hope he did not, go into being elected a councillor to make it a career, a somewhat lucrative one at that it seems.

So come on, Mr Wakefield, let’s really see if you are on the side of the people of Leeds or is it, as I suspect, do as I say not as I do?

We await your reply.

John Gittos, Labour Party member

YEP Letters: March 16