Letter: Council tax rise and trolleybus

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Don’t increase council tax to fund the trolleybus scheme.

I should like to thank Councillor James Lewis for his prompt reply to my recent letter criticising the trolleybus scheme for lack of ambition.

In his reply (YEP, June 10), Councillor Lewis informs us that in addition to the £250 million of public money already promised for the trolleybus scheme, a slice of the proposed £1 billion City Deal transport infrastructure fund is also to be spent on trolleybuses.

What Councillor Lewis fails to mention is that he and his colleagues at Leeds City Council and at Metro propose raising the £1 billion by means of a large increase in council tax. The YEP recently reported that the government intends making proposals for large increases in council tax subject to local referenda (YEP, May 10). In view of this, it would be very helpful if Councillor Lewis could let us know precisely how much of this £1 billion fund is to be spent on trolleybuses. Otherwise, how can we decide whether or not to vote for the proposed increase in council tax.

Bob Jones, City Island, LS12