Letter: Council must listen to wishes

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I am beginning to have a fellow-feeling for the protesters in the Gezi Park. Be it in Istanbul or in Leeds, those in power seem reluctant to listen properly.

Despite the many legitimate concerns raised both in your letters’ page and at public meetings, we see once again repeated in the article entitled ‘Business bosses back Leeds trolleybus’ (YEP, June 13) claims for the trolleybus scheme which have been seen to be far from proven.

If our councillors had real courage they would go for ‘soft mobility’ as found notably in Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Strasbourg, where private motor cars are denied access to the city centre.

In the current tram project for Avignon, not only have they abandoned plans to go through streets seen to be not wide enough, but they intent to limit private car use in the city centre to residents only.

The Danes have shown that traders should not fear pedestrianisation and can even benefit from it.

Are we to be sacrificed to the wishes of commuters coming in from outside, driving cars in which they are often the only passenger.

The argument that motorists will freely transfer to the trolleybus is again of doubtful value.

Surely the council of a city should listen to the wishes of those who actually live in it?

Christopher Todd