LETTER: Computers get in the way

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I READ with deep concern Dr Dacre’s statement at the College of GPs meeting in Manchester that GPs are concerned about the safety of their patients.

Could part of this be due to the computer records that now have to be made at every consultation?

I was recently at my GP surgery and the doctor was telling me of the day all the computers in the practice broke down.

At the end of the day, all the doctors felt less stressed, they had kept to their appointment times and had really enjoyed actually looking at their patients.

They also felt they had more satisfaction and confidence in their work.

I wonder if, like me, your readers feel a bit neglected when the GP starts tapping on the computer keys the minute you try to tell him or her what’s wrong and, like my GP, would welcome a return to the old face-to-face consultation?

Hilary Andrews, Leeds