Letter: Class issue at root of housing crisis

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I read, with great interest, your article ‘Warning over housing crisis that threatens to destroy families (YEP, November 28).

First, the housing crisis is a class issue. If mummy and daddy have shed loads of dosh, they help their little darlings out, with deposits and help with the mortgage! Sadly, I cannot see this elitist Coalition government having any notion of what it is to be homeless or living in inadequate circumstances in 2011.

Back in 1952, when I was born, my mam and dad lived with my maternal grandparents until I was five and my brother was three. Quite commonplace 59 years ago. They eventually scraped together a deposit and bought a house for £750 in 1957.

Similarly, I was a council tenant until I was 38 years old and my then husband and I bought our first house. The downside for me, is that I still have a mortgage and will have until I am 63 years old. No retirement date in sight for me. However, I realise I am lucky; with a decent home and plenty of room. I try not to feel guilty because I have worked myself to death to be in this position.

Finally, we ain’t seen nothing yet. The attack on housing benefit levels is just around the corner and this will have a devastating impact on families, and particularly those with large families. Homelessness looks set to get a whole lot worse and families uprooted and separated because this government see low income, working class people as an easy target.

They will pay the price for this recession, caused by the excesses of big business and particularly the banking institutions.

Cherril Cliff, Armley

YEP Letters: March 16