Letter: Church should support Denum

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As the mother of an autistic man aged 47, I am in total agreement with Denum Ellerby’s mother.

She says her seven-year-old Downs Syndrome son is being discriminated against, because he is not allowed to take his first Holy Communion with the other youngsters.

This is a ‘faith’ issue, not an ‘age’ issue, or understanding, either. How can anyone measure ‘faith’ except God?

Diocese spokesman said Denum’s family has not participated in the regular life of the church, or in the preparation preceding First Communion.

Has this spokesman ever realised the demands on the time of conscientous parents caring for a child or adult with ‘special needs’? Time for such unselfish parents can be very limited.

The Church should support and feel privileged that they even go to church. It is no wonder that people like ourselves can be reluctant to attend regular worship. God loves us and wants us in his house and not made to feel unwelcome and uncomfortable because our children are ‘different’.

To God the creator everyone is acceptable, however old or young they may be.

J WOOD, by email

YEP Letters: March 16