Letter: Business and the trolleybus

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ON June 13, the headline on Rod McPhee’s column read, “Business backs Leeds’s trolleybus, now the rest of us should too”. This is untrue. Business does not back trolleybus as I will explain.

The article goes on: “Now that business has thrown their weight behind the proposed Next Generation Transport (NGT) scheme, it should serve as a rocket up the backside of all those doubters who still believe the trolleybus isn’t the best way of moving Leeds forward”.

I assume you are referring to the backsides of the many councillors and business people who believe Metro are on the wrong track. This will backfire!

While many in the business community support transport infrastructure investment in Leeds, and NGT in principle, they do not support the introduction of trolleybuses and all the ugly spaghetti of wire that will eventually once more clutter our city.

NEG can equally be achieved using the new technologies of induction charging electric buses and hybrid buses route by route, as is now being done in Milton Keynes, Coventry and now York and throughout Europe.

I wish the proponents of the old technology trolleybus would stop confusing that as NGT. It isn’t.

Leeds City Council urgently needs an independent opinion on what means of propulsion should be used with NGT. It is not a trolleybus!

The headline was misleading and wrong.

Stuart Archbold, past president of Leeds Chamber of Commerce