Letter: Buses v trams

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Further to Hannah Jackson’s letter re tram system v buses.Trams travel in straight lines, and the collector arms stay put. Buses swerve and the driver is forever reconnecting to the overhead. conductors. Has anyone estimated the cost of the tyres for the buses and the disposel of these, and the rubber deposited on the roads? Not enviromentally friendly.

We had electric buses in London which were a disaster just like the bendy buses. Trams are off the shelf and spares are plentiful. Visit Prague and see the long life of trams and what an asset they are. Leeds city council are considering using a trains to take passangers from Leeds to Bradford airport.

Why not trams? They would be able to take passangers through the places on route whilst the train just go from a to B with no stops. Plus,of course, cars will be able to use the same route as the trams whilst track would have to be laid, and allocated to only to trains only.

It’s easier of course to extend the rails lines for trams.

I am sure that Sheffield, Croydon etc selected trams for a reason.But then they did not have Leeds city Council to contend with. The transport system in Leeds is a disaster. It should have been under one control.

G Geapin