Letter: Blighting more than it benefits

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I am writing in response to the dismissive comments made by Kevin Grady regarding the ‘Best Interests’ of the trolleybus scheme.

I keep horses and tend the land at Hinsley Hall and have the greatest respect and reverence for this truly lovely ancient historic site which, originally belonged to the monks of Kirkstall Abbey and was sold to Hinsley Hall by Henry VIII during the dissolution of the monasteries.

Perhaps history was not one of his strongest subjects and he cares little for it.

Curious that he favours a trolleybus which harks back to the 1950s; must be a retro chappie.

I am extremely angry that those in high office to whom we pay high wages do not listen to the people of Headingley who, overwhelmingly are strongly opposed to the scheme.

It will blight more lives than it will benefit.

Just the sheer nightmare vision of an electric sub-station in the middle of the horse field with concrete lanes, gantries and overhead wires is grotesque.

This is a conservation area with very old mature trees, protected species of birds such as woodpeckers and myriads of song thrushes, colonies of bats, deer and much more!

Mr Grady’s comments that the replanting of trees would “more than compensate” is absolute balderdash.

How can you re-plant 400-year-old trees and biodiverse habitats? Local people are aghast that this area of wonderful pastoral splendour and tranqulity could be devastated by this unpopular and unwanted scheme.

The whole idea of ruining such a place is totally morally bankrupt and serve the local populus not.

Lorraine Nelis