Letter: ‘Bendybuses’ will add to congestion

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Councillor Richard Lewis is full of praise for NGT (YEP 26.11.12).

But he fails to mention that NGT is just a trolleybus, and that a trolleybus is just a bus with wires attached.

Perhaps it’s because NGT is just a bus that there’s the “tendency to talk down NGT” referred to by the councillor.

Councillor Lewis goes on to say that NGT will “give a very attractive public transport alternative to the car.”

If Councillor Lewis travelled by bus himself, he would know that there is nothing attractive about travelling on a bus.

That’s why the number of bus passengers has plummeted. People prefer trains, trams and their own cars to buses.

Leeds needs a rapid transit system to deal with congestion. Instead, Councillor Lewis wants to buy bendybuses that will add to congestion.

If he goes ahead and purchases these buses, he will consign Leeds to the second rank of UK cities for a generation.

Bob Jones, City Island, LS12