Letter: Bare truth about the naked rambler

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I’M sure most of your readers will have read about the naked rambler who was unfortunately apprehended while walking around Otley Chevin.

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My wife and I have been naturists for 14 years.

Approximately 4.5million people in this country have tried naturism in some form or other; be it skinny dipping in a river or the sea, sunbathing on a clothes optional beach, participating in a World Naked Bike Ride or posing for Spencer Tunick’s art installations, it all boils down to the same thing; a lot of people enjoy not wearing clothes.

While we don’t know the naked rambler personally we feel very strongly that he should NOT have been convicted. He wasn’t harming anyone by walking around naked. If everyone who caused disgust to someone else was arrested virtually the whole of the UK would be a prison. We sometimes enjoy a naturist walk ourselves in the open countryside when the weather’s fine, but tend to be in a group of about 10 to 15.

We know from the many news reports that he intends to appeal. We wish him every success with this and would like to thank him for writing such as wonderful story.

S and Z Thomas, Guiseley

The woman didn’t need to look at the almost naked Mr Keer.

Why don’t naturists, when out and about in public, simply wear a thong? Mr Keer wore a hat and boots, so a thong would provide protection to his genitals and secure them from the public’s gaze and, according to the photo of him on the web, he is no beauty!

M S Stewart

YEP Letters: March 20