Letter: Airport owners should pay for planned rail link

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Regarding the formation of a branch railway line from the Leeds-Horsforth line to Leeds Bradford Airport, I believe the airport owners should pay for this facility. They are the only ones who stand to benefit from it.

I would like to know how many people use the existing bus route and how much it costs the ratepayer.

People will still have the expense of getting to the station, with their luggage. They might as well get a taxi direct to the airport, especially taking into account the ruinous cost of using public transport.

All this talk of consultants assuring the authority of the vast number of users of this service is purely grasping a figure out of thin air, at best an informed guess.

Examples of consultants getting their figures wrong would be Doncaster Leisure Dome and the Royal Armouries Museum.

At Doncaster a huge number of staff were employed, only to be laid off, after the first month of opening because the numbers using the facility did not even reach 20 per cent of the projected figure.

The figures never stacked up in the case of the Armouries either.

A much better use of any public money in these straitened times would be to make the Leeds Outer Ring Road at least a dual carriageway all the way around, benefitting millions of commuters and ratepayers.

B Duffy, by email

YEP Letters: January 23