Letter: 80 per cent of city missing out

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I READ in your column many comments both for and against the NGT scheme. All put either a positive or a negative spin on their arguments, and rightly so. Has anyone, however, considered the cost to the ratepayers of Leeds? And by Leeds, I mean the whole population of Leeds.

The Government are going to give their millions towards the scheme. The shortfall will be made from the rates.

Given that the scheme will reach about a fifth of the population, there will no doubt be benefits to them. But what about the other 80 per cent who will never have any contact with it. Four hundred thousand people will end up paying additional rates for something they will never have access to.

Look at the scheme on a map. Holt Park to Middleton through Lawnswood, Headingley, Leeds Central and Hunslet. Where does the bus station or railway station fit in with regard to co-ordination or integration? Nowhere.

And an alternative already exists. Electro-buses. They do not need overhead fixed wires and can go anywhere and on any route. I hope the protagonists win and it is a great success but, make no mistake about it, people who live in Morley, Pudsey, Horsforth, Halton Moor, Gipton and the other environs really are being taken for a ride.

Mel Smart, M.C.I.T., Cotefields Avenue, Farsley