Letter: £250m to save a few minutes

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We are a family living on Whitfield Square on the proposed trolleybus route a scheme I have yet to find anyone that actually wants.

Why the planners want to bring the route through what is now a pedestrian only area beggars belief. In the summer we have 10 to 15 kids playing in this area - something they will be unable to do.

Having no vehicle access was one of the reasons we bought a house here. Now we are looking at having several buses an hour going past our house with passengers (if they get any) looking onto our property. We will be looking at months of noise and dust and houses which will fall in value.

We will have to put up with the eyesore of overhead power cables and their supporting structures and are there any health implications having high voltage so near to the ground?

What about the £80m pound shortfall in funding if it comes in on budget which it won’t.

Who pays for that, us the Leeds taxpayers that don’t want buses or a Leeds Council that is already having to save 50 million plus on spending.

£250m for 9 miles and to save a few minutes on travel time what a bargain.

Simon Dodgson