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I CAN’T understand Paul Kilroy’s recent attack on our home city of Leeds (YEP, October 13).

For example, he says Leeds is home to many serial murderers, a laughable claim. However the families of the many Leeds victims who were the target of Peter Sutcliffe won’t share Paul Kilroy’s sense of humour and of course Sutcliffe is from Bradford, not Leeds

Any city of our size would have crime in certain areas but it isn’t out of control and needs to be put into context.

Cities such as Manchester and Glasgow, both of which are smaller than Leeds, have a far higher murder rate which includes gun and knife crime.

Leeds is the envy of Yorkshire, a city of many different races and creeds but all are made welcome.

Leeds has made huge strides from being a big northern city to a booming, trendy city which is full of life, a proud city that is able to host a global event such as the Tour de France.

If you ask the students that come to Leeds they will tell you they love Leeds, from stunning buildings, the various markets, Leeds Arena, Trinity shopping centre.

Looking round Leeds it fills me with pride that I was born and bred in this city.

What a year it has been for sport – Leeds Rhinos won a twelfth Challenge Cup Final; Yorkshire County Cricket Club won the Championship and of course the Tour de France.

Mr Kilroy, there are lots of positives and I repeat that I simply do not understand the comments that you made.

Tony Makin, Woodhouse

Turn back clock for better post

I DO hope doddering Royal Mail sorting offices put their cuckoo clocks back at least seven hours instead of one last weekend!

Those of us who live in the Cross Bentley area of Meanwood are sick of receiving our mail so late in the day, especially when awaiting important correspondence. Yesterday the postman arrived at a ‘casual’ 4.34pm. Little wonder then, that folk are turning to emails and the likes and leaving the professional lemmings that run the postal service these days behind.

We have been inconvenienced enough.

Jocelyn Gish, Meanwood

Should’ve lived life just like Viv

I AM writing to say that I agree with Ivan Kovack’s views on pension reforms (YEP, October 17).

Whilst working I joined the non-index linked company pension fund. A member of staff refused to join, saying that he wanted to spend all his money.

He had a new car yearly, holidays, and his mantra was that nobody starves in a welfare state!

Well, I paid to be in the pension fund. Retiring in 1990 my pension just covers my full council tax.

I can’t get pension credits, cold weather top-ups, a free new boiler or invites to Christmas parties and coach trips but my friend does, as he is on benefits.

Yes Ivan! I was a fool, careful with my money instead of taking a leaf out of Viv Nicholson’s book – spend, spend, spend!

Robert Holman, Headingley

GPs shouldn’t get extra cash

THE MISMANAGEMENT of our health service under the stewardship of Cameron and his band of clowns knows no bounds!

I noted with incredulity the news that GPs were to be paid a £55 premium for diagnosing sufferers of dementia.

Surely this is what they are already very well rewarded to do?

There would appear to be a greater propensity towards dementia within the Government than amongst the general public.

You really could not make it up!

Jack Banner, Meanwood

The NHS is not a political football

IT IS time that Labour and the Conservatives stopped playing political football with the NHS.

The point is that it is time the people were asked in a referendum as it is the public who suffer when things go wrong.

In the NHS are managers, doctors, nurses etc and they have the brains and knowledge where service is needed.

You do not tell a skilled person how to do his or her job.

The staff of the NHS should be given the chance to run its own department.

We know it needs money but the Government is there to provide some of that.

It does not need politicians, however, to decide how and when to spend it.

As time goes on we are supposed to learn more.

A better life with respect and dignity would not go 

N Knott, Bramley

Reckless wate to vote for UKIP

It looks like Mark 
Reckless is going to be recklessly elected as a UKIP MP following the by-election he created by resigning from the Conservative Party.

Surely the people in his constituency must realise that this would be a wasted vote.

UKIP have no chance of making all the changes they are promising as they will not get a majority in Parliament at the next election and may well cause an unstable coalition.

That would be a disaster for the UK.

Why can’t the general public accept that the UK is moving forward both economically and in a phased withdrawal from daft EU legislation?

Hilary Andrews, Alwoodley

Courage and comic to the end

ALONG with countless other people, I was very sad to hear that Lynda Bellingham had died.

In a magazine, which I take fortnightly, she had kept us updated on her condition, but also her charity work, and her family events were always included with humour.

My best and dearest friend died three weeks ago of the same diagnosed illness.

She was courageous and comical throughout, knowing that death was near, as Lynda did.

Troopers in every sense of the word.

Mavis Harrison, Leeds

Pistorius trial a blight on justice

I HAVE seen and heard the biggest farce since the Brian Rix Show.

The Oscar Pistorius trial just proves what fame and money can do to a so called justice system. This killer will no doubt be out of prison (hospital wing actually) in a matter of weeks.

It is absolutely disgusting.

J Shedlow, Moortown

Direct rule from Europe please

Can us pro-Europe types have a referendum too?

I would like the choice to be between being directly run by the EU, or the British Government.

After all what use is the British Government?

It defines the ‘national interest’ as the view of a bunch of City spivs.

It gets our children killed in useless wars.

It reorganises everything but itself, with hardly any perceptible improvement.

It colludes with the powers that be instead of controlling them.

So what use is it? It can’t see further than central London.

Of course being ruled by Europe directly would bring some changes.

We’d have the Euro, but we are going to get that some day so it’s probably wise to get the change over with.

We’d also have the average European taxes and pensions and no wars.

Sounds good to me.

John Blakey, Roundhay

Simon Brown, from Morley, Leeds.

YEP Letters: January 19