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RICHARD Hoyle, (‘Plane sense’, YEP, May 11), shows a remarkable lack of understanding when it comes to take-off and landing at Leeds-Bradford Airport. One can understand his request for flights to be evenly spaced in respect of taking off in equal directions, so as to give him some quiet time in his garden, but this is where his lack of understanding shows.

Aircraft do not take off and land according to some vague requirement of the flight controller, but according to the prevailing wind. It is necessary for aircraft to take off and land into wind, to reduce landing and take-off speed. As the common direction in this area is westerly, that is why the main runway is the longest, running east/west.

So, Mr Hoyle, you live close to an airport, and are going to be impinged upon by aircraft. Get used to it – or move.

A G Goldsbrough, Leeds Road, Ilkley

YEP Letters: March 16