It's grim up North under Coalition

HOW can this coalition get away with being so deceitful? If they can betray and damage their own loyal supporters, what chance is there for the rest of us?

If I had been a long-term supporter or had changed my allegiance and voted for either of these parties at the last general election, but I lived in a Labour-held council like Leeds or Manchester etc, I would be very angry and unhappy that my council's burden was much greater, detrimentally affecting the services I will now receive – as opposed to people voting the same as me, in other parts not held by Labour.

I would be asking the above leaders to tell me, please, why should I have to unfairly suffer this? Tell me also, is the north-south divide becoming more prevalent again? Mr Cameron and Co appear to have made many swift and alarming changes. When they are asked to make any of these changes fair or fairer they always state that they are looking into this, but does it ever happen? Possibly, they are in need of glasses – or is it the usual case of the blind leading the blind at our expense?

Already far too many of the promises of both these coalition parties have been broken, changed or scrapped, again to our detriment. This coalition can no longer be trusted to be truthful or fair to anyone but themselves.

What of major national importance will they damage or dismantle next? Whom can we trust now? Not them for certain.

Brian Hepworth, Belle Isle

YEP Letters: February 19