How much are we being spied upon?

I WONDER how important a view we should take on police surveillance upon us, the general public, in the light of the recent story concerning the undercover police officer who infiltrated part of the green movement and ended up offering no evidence against them. I am almost sure many will be asking to what extent are we in general being spied on.

The most disturbing point in this case is the length of time this officer was undercover and the apparent sanctioning for him to undertake the journey of intimate relationships with some members?

You have to pinch yourself and think are green groups so dangerous that they dictate such infiltration, or is it that, just maybe, we have made such a pickle of our world, with millions of vehicles, exorbitant house prices, the Earth literally covered in concrete and tarmac, aircraft zig-zagging the sky like spiders' webs and junk from spent projects floating above Earth. After this fact is democracy suppressed by three controlling political parties who have told us how to live for the last two decades. Their money made them similar, so how can they spot where attention should really be paid? That is, or should be, beyond the warm corridors of Parliament.


Simon Brown, from Morley, Leeds.

YEP Letters: January 19