Fears over obesity epidemic

IN last Thursday's YEP, there was an article about the rising numbers of obese children in the UK. Over one-third of 10 and 11-year-old children in Leeds are now obese.

Perhaps one of my new year's resolutions will be to go to the gym more often to lose a stone or so. I have a job where I get very little exercise, and these days our children's lifestyles are lacking in exercise too.

But, although I can go to a council-run gym to get fit and lose weight, there is no such option for children under 14 years old.

It seems that most other fitness classes are closed to children under 14 too.

I have been in contact with Leeds City Council about their policy of excluding children from the majority of council-run sports centre activities, but I am still awaiting a response.

N Bywater, Morley

Simon Brown, from Morley, Leeds.

YEP Letters: January 19