Farce of the coalition's making

IN response to Councillor Barry Anderson (YEP, January 1), as regards 'heads to roll in the bins chaos', let me remind Coun Anderson that it was his administration which went to war with the bin men, which caused as 12 weeks strike by bin men and street scene workers, led by Coun Richard Brett.

In Leeds up to this point, we had a first class bin service from the refuse collectors for over 20 years and they were a credit to Leeds and the city.

But Coun Brett drew up plans to allow 11 wagons to be decommissioned, in a bid to save 2.4 million in a year and made plans to reorganise their rounds and presented this package to the bin men and they accepted the package.

Now, these plans have been implemented and the city is in chaos, thanks to the last Con/Lib coalition, and after last year's local elections, Coun Brett lost his position as leader of the Liberal Democrat group and, as they say, he is now history.

Come May 2011 a few more heads might rolls, as I am sure the citizens of Leeds will not forget this farce.

M M Illingworth, Leeds 9

EP 15/1/11

Kirkgate Market, Leeds

YEP Letters: February 9