Cultural imperialism?

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J DICKINSON (YEP, May 25) asks why is this country so obsessed with anything American. The answer is they’ve “bought our soul”.

After the war this country was bankrupt and so we needed money to rebuild. They gave us a loan plus two per cent, which took us 60 years to pay back. At the end of 2006, Sir Christopher Meyer, the former British Ambassador, reckoned that we had paid back some £350 billion.

In the whole of my working life I’ve experienced this country going through a continuous cycle of boom and bust, whilst Germany and Japan powered ahead to become two of the richest nations.

Currently, the Americanisation of Britain continues apace. Football clubs, iconic British companies, media organisations etc, all falling prey to American money.

The internet has “americanised” our English language, our film industry is subsidised by American money. Our TV companies exist mainy because of American programmes. Channel 4 and Channel 5 are purely a mouthpiece for American propaganda. Adverts on commercial television are promoted, in the main, by a man with a deep American voice or American models trying to brainwash us into believing American cosmetics are better for us.

Can anyone remember the last film which didn’t contain gun violence? I can’t.

L Mitchell, Rothwell

YEP Letters: March 20