City’s tag of ‘worst for tailgaters’ rings true

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YOUR recent story about the M1 near Leeds being the worst in the country for tailgating (YEP, July 24) was confirmed by an experience I suffered the other day.

I was driving with my wife in the passenger seat and our grandson in the rear of the car.

We were heading back to our house from the Yorkshire Sculpture Park and were in the middle of the roadworks on the M1 which was limited to a speed limit of 50mph.

At one stage we overtook a car transporter which was loaded with new Renaults, presumably headed for Leeds.

However once we were past this vehicle, I noticed it quickly catching up with us.

Given that the average speed limit of 50mph applied, I was conscious of my speed – which is more than can be said of the transporter driver.

As he came closer to us I pointed out to my wife that she should take a look behind us.

I doubt at this stage if this driver was any more than four feet from the back of our car.

Shortly after this, a slight incline came into play and we pulled away.

However not to be outdone, on the next downhill section the driver came closer still.

Just what he thought he was doing I don’t know.

At one time HGV drivers were considered to be ‘knights of the road’.

That certainly no longer applies, especially with drivers such as this one on the roads.

John Furness, Gildersome

Ceremony was spectacular

The procession of the 71 national teams of the Commonwealth at the opening ceremony of the Games in Glasgow was a spectacular show with all the attendant celebrations.

The promise that monies raised in the event would be sent to UNICEF for the relief of children who are suffering and dying in so many areas of the world was to be applauded.

What struck me as anomalous, however, was that many of the teams wore good quality, colourful costumes.

Yet the ordinary people in their countries have lived in abject poverty and suffered serious health issues since time immemorial.

Anthony Craven, Leeds

Missing point about dispute

It seems DS Boyes is once again writing on a subject he knows nothing about when he says firefighters should get new jobs (YEP, July 28).

He states that no one is indispensable. Perhaps not, but that is not an issue in the present dispute.

It has nothing at all to do with the Labour party either, so why he feels the need to mention them is beyond me.

Unless he accepts that their failure to bring the financial sector under control during their reign means the whole country has to pay for their greed with the present austerity cuts.

The dispute is not with the management of West Yorkshire Fire Service either, it is entirely with the present government – although the management’s draconian tactics are not helping.

One point he might be correct on is that there may well be 1,000 applicants for every job, but not many would be capable of passing the rigorous fitness levels which they have to maintain.

Nor would they be able to carry out such a demanding job at the age of 60, which is what the Government expects.

He claims that ‘no other manual job has anywhere near the in-built job security or early retirement that they enjoy’.

A firefighter’s job hasn’t been a manual one since the 1980s and is now a highly trained, technical one which is both physically and mentally demanding.

The simple fact is that the Government want them to work until they are older, pay even more for their pension (14 per cent and more of their salary), pay it for longer but get less on retirement.

Then there is the chance of losing it all if they are injured or no longer fit due to the rigours of the job.

I do hope DS Boyes sleeps soundly at night, because I wouldn’t like to think of a 60-year-old firefighter trying to climb a ladder in an attempt to rescue him.

Andrew Killingbeck, Leeds

Don’t let them claim benefits

DAVID CAMERON SAYS that EU migrants without realistic job prospects can now only claim three months of benefits rather than six.

But why should they be allowed to claim anything?

We should be like other countries such as Australia. If you do not have enough money to live for a year and prospects of getting a job you will not be allowed into the country.

We let all the riff raff in and they come 
here and claim taxpayers’ money.

We can’t look after our own people, so why should we look after the immigrants?

The taxpayers should have a say in this.

All the Government do is sit on their backsides with their big salaries and expect the taxpayers of this country to bale everybody out.

Roger Watkinson, Halton

Caught out by a new camera

Has anyone else been caught out by the sudden appearance of a camera at the end of the bus lane on Low Road in Hunslet?

My grandson has had four fines and my sister in-law has had two – all in the last couple of weeks.

The annoying thing is that it is in operation 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Most others finish after rush hour.

Suzanna Wright, Garforth

Fighting doesn’t solve anything

AT THE moment Israel is busy fighting Hamas over rockets being directed into Israel from Gaza.

What a waste of time and cost with fatalities and injuries to the local population. It is impossible for Hamas to 
defeat Israel.

The simplest and easiest solution is for Hamas to cease firing rockets as Israel simply responds with more retaliation.

If the Hamas rockets cease there is every possibility that after a month or so there will be peace.

After all, what good comes out of fighting and wars?

It is about time that the so-called leaders of nations used what little intelligence they have to agree a compromise.

MG Burbage, Rothwell

Armed forces are stretched

David Cameron is reported as saying that Russia is behaving like Germany during the run up to the Second World War, and that Europe shouldn’t need reminding of the consequences of turning a blind eye when big countries bully smaller countries.

What Mr Cameron needs reminding of is that the industrial capability and resources that this country used to have which enabled its leaders to talk tough no longer exist.

When he talks about being ready to step in if this international incident leads to a military conflict, what is he going to do, send in the social workers?

Our armed forces are stretched beyond their maximum capability now.

In typical Tory, posh boy fashion he expects others to put his words into action without giving a single thought as to how it can be done.

Derek Barker, Moortown

Celebrating Yorkshire Day

Yorkshire Day should be getting a big shout out because Yorkshire is the centre of the universe.

So get the Yorky puddings on today and listen to 
Brian Blessed singing On Ilkley Moor Baht ‘At, our national anthem. Here’s to all the great and good Yorkshire folk out there.

James Granger, Leeds

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