Capitalists cash in as we shiver

THIS Christmas, as poverty and inequality increases, bankers are rewarding themselves £7 billion in bonuses.

This is exactly the amount the Government is raising from us through increased taxes and cuts in benefits, education, health, pensions and care services.

Bankers are getting round so-called government restrzictions and compensating themselves for "lower" bonuses by increasing their pay.

As we shiver and gasp at the price of heating oil and fuel at the petrol stations, off shore, oil tankers are being parked awaiting instruction from their capitalist owners for the price of oil to rise as much as possible.

Ask yourselves the following. Who is in charge of this country? Is this a democracy? And what are we going to do about it?

Malcolm Naylor, Otley

Money worries

IT IS ironic that our materialistic world, which prizes the acquisition of money above almost everything else, is so heavily burdened by it.

In fact many nations' businesses and individuals are ruined or in serious financial trouble and are carrying enormous debts despite their industrial productivity and business know-how. Yet it is not hard to see that something is fundamentally wrong and out of balance when money becomes a source of concern and worry, instead of being a source of stability and security.

Indeed, few are aware that an amazing amount of information about how to accumulate and manage wealth is contained in the Bible, whose author wants us to be prosperous, healthy and happy.

AI STUBBS, Bridlington

Seasonal greed?

SHAME on Cross Gates Centre. They have put their car parking prices up in time for Christmas. Is there no end to their greed?

They fill all the middle of the walkways with various stalls and children's roundabouts, for which they charge high rates. Added to this, they had not cleared away any snow at all when I was there on Tuesday and, as I walk with a stick, it was very dangerous.

It was such a difference going to Killingbeck. Parking was free and all the snow was cleared away.

Mrs M Beckworth, Pinfold Hill

Ridiculous waste

I AM aghast that council chiefs intend to spend 733,000 to update Care Link. It is ridiculous and a system found to be totally inadequate; a weekly charge on the rent account is made for it whether it is used or not.

It is better to contact the police in an emergency or the local council regarding repairs.

Would not 733,000 be better spent to assist magistrates' courts, such as Pontefract, to stay open?

Madge Meadows, Castleford

Seeing the light

PEOPLE grumble about cyclists without lights but parents cannot buy bicycles with built-in lights. There would be chaos on the roads if motorists had to rely on fragile plastic lights which break easily and rely on separately fitted batteries which keep running out. With modern technology, lights could be an integral part of a bike and be expected to last for five or 10 years without needing replacement parts. It would be easy nowadays to provide the power without the drag associated with old-fashioned dynamos.

ROB WHEWAY, Director, Children's Play Advisory Service,

Change supplier

I AM mystified that a Leeds woman, who has gone for two weeks without gas for hot water and heating from British Gas (YEP, December 14), has not changed to a new supplier.

She uses credit top up, which is much dearer than being sent a bill or being paid direct debit from a bank account.

If people put their pleasures, like smoking and drinking etc, ahead of essentials like fuel supply, they are stirring up problems like this.

A Hague, Bellbrook Grove, Leeds

Jimi Hendrix. PA Wire

YEP Letters: November 24