Bankers have short memories

REGARDING bankers' bonuses.As expected, the bankers have won again. Just pay yourself millions for one of the easiest jobs there is and to hell with the Government.

The usual answer is that you have to pay top money to attract and keep the best people. This, to me, has always been a fallacy. I am sure that there are tens, if not hundreds of people, with equivalent qualifications and experience who never get the chance.

The Government has admitted that it could curtail these extravagant bonuses but lacks the will to do it. Why?

Simple answer: the Conservative Party is under the control of the bankers. If they were to increase taxation on them, it has been made quite clear that they will move abroad and to hell with this country. To me, that is blackmail.

What has never been explained to me is what would have happened if, some time ago, when the banks were in trouble they had been left to go under and had not been rescued by us. Would some kind person kindly explain this to me.

M G Burbage-Atter, Rothwell

EP 22/1/11

YEP Letters: March 16