Back door route to privatised NHS?

I WAS saddened (but not wholly surprised) to read David Cameron said there was not enough incentive to improve health outcomes in the NHS.

To be honest, I thought improving and saving lives were incentive enough but it's quite clear that the incentive he talks of is money.

Cameron and Deputy Clegg had a mantra some months ago, "we're all in it together", then a new chant "difficult decisions for difficult times". Today, like a used car salesperson, the Prime Minister tells us: "It's a once in a lifetime opportunity".

David Cameron's response to the public's very real fears of NHS privatisation is hardly an intelligent or mature form of political dialogue. He said: "We've just got to grow up" – the way things are going patients will be lucky to grow old if these 'reforms' go through.

Saf Hussain, Leafield Grange, Leeds

Too many parties

I AM sorry, K Wilson (YEP Letters, January 13), your idea for another politicial party is not what we want. We have too many parties, what with the Cons, Labour, Libs, Greens, UKIPs and many more.

What we want is a reduction in our MPs, councillors, committees, sub-committees and quangoes.

When a firm needs to save money, the first thing to go is staff. With our government and councils nothing changes, the number of MPs, councillors and blue collar workers who do their work, never lowers, if anything their numbers rise. To get an idea of this, look at your bills for services. The labour costs are the highest.

Did you notice our letters page tonight? Conservatives slagging off Labour, Labour doing the same to Conservatives. What interest is there in these letters?

A few years ago I was asked to get involved in this kind of letter. One would write, then another would write on the same theme, whilst backing up the first letter. I refused. I did not want to become a pawn in these politics.

Come on, you teenagers, 20s and 30s, it's time you took up the cudgels and let these MPs and councillors know what you want, how you would like to see our country in the future.

It's for the benefit of you and your children. I am sorry, we seem to have lost control.

L E Slack, Lingfield View, Leeds

Prison costs

ONCE again our criminal justice system has produced some very different sentences for similar crimes.

Last week we have had a former golf club captain who claimed 40,842 in disability allowance whilst playing golf up to four times a week, and a man fraudulently claimed more than 20,000 in expenses from his employer.

I would have thought that paying back the money, plus a fine, would have been a better punishment than being locked up at the expense of the tax payer. But surprisingly, it was the man that fraudulently claimed 20,000 from his employer that was locked up.

The woman that fraudulently claimed twice as much as the man was given a suspended jail sentence.

Perhaps this is a case of sex discrimination or perhaps it's because the man is ex-Labour MP David Chaytor.

So, with the average cost per year at 31,106 to keep someone in prison, David Chaytor will be costing us all money once again.

N Bywater, Morley

Foul play

MY wife and I periodically visit some friends of ours, who live on the west side of Garforth – Barley Hill Road to be exact. We live on the east side of Garforth.

We have always enjoyed our steady walk to see our friends on Barley Hill Road but, over the last 18 months, we dread having to walk the dog mess walk, which Barley Hill Road has now become.

Down Barley Hill Road this week the dog mess lay thick and unhealthy on the footpath, about every 4-5ft.

My wife and I can't understand the people who live in Barley Hill Road allowing this to happen right on their front door. They must know who these dog mess offenders are. The offenders should have their noses rubbed in it.

We had a similar problems where we live. One of the offenders was taken to court and fined. Another two were warned. They were caught on camera by one of our neighbours.

The people of our street sorted the dog foulers. If the people of Barley Hill Road don't do the same a new sign will be going up – Dog Mess Road.

R Brownridge, Garforth

No complaints

WE on the Fearnville Estate should consider ourselves very fortunate! Our bins are collected every week, the black on Saturday and the green one every two to three weeks. This has gone on for a number of years.

We have nothing to complain about.

Mrs H Soar, Roundhay

Insurance query

CAN someone explain how, when taking out a car insurance policy, one is asked the value of the car according to oneself, yet if the car becomes a write-off, the insurance companies only pay out a fraction of the value that is on the policy but stating it is their present-day value.

An insurance scam if ever there was one!

J Shedlow, Fir Tree Vale, Leeds

Welcome funds

NEXT year Leeds City Council is to face 90m funding cuts from the ConDem government and thus has to make some difficult decisions in how to spend what is left.

I am glad that the Labour Council has decided that ensuring the safety of its citizens as they conduct their day to day business, by the level funding of PCSOs, is important.

This contrasts sharply with the ConDem government's central cuts, which suggest that 500 front line police officers in West Yorkshire will lose their jobs.

Stephen Clark, Leeds

5 June 2015.......   Aerial shot of the M62  junction with the M606 Chain Bar Interchange near Bradford and Leeds. Picture by Tony Johnson

YEP Letters: January 13