Asset to our city

HOW can Georgina Fry say that West Yorkshire Playhouse is a failure? Has she ever been?

The Playhouse puts on a great variety of dramas in a great variety of styles and attracts high-calibre actors.

Recently, we have seen As You Like It, Billy Liar, Crash, A Christmas Carol and Aladdin, all very different, all very enjoyable.

Each time we have had a good meal, reasonably priced, in the restaurant, and now you can even reserve a table and get waitress service. What's not to like?

It also has fantastic outreach programmes, including over-55s (Heydays), disabled and disadvantaged young people (Beautiful Octopus and Dandelion), First Floor, primary and secondary school education projects and much, much more.

The Playhouse is a great asset to Leeds – long may it flourish!

Sue Egan, Woodhouse Lane, Leeds

YEP Letters: April 12