Your Say: Leeds city centre set for colossal revamp to accommodate HS2

Ambitious plans for the redevelopment of Leeds Station.
Ambitious plans for the redevelopment of Leeds Station.
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Yorkshire Evening Post readers have shared their views about ambitious plans to create the biggest railway station in the North of England in the heart of Leeds City Centre.

Previous proposals to build a new station south of the River Aire for high speed rail services arriving in Leeds were scrapped in favour of integrating the new lines into the existing station.

The move will involve building new platforms over the river and the transformation of the area south of the station in what will be one of the biggest urban regeneration projects in Europe.

YEP readers took to our website and Facebook to share their views about the development of the Yorkshire Hub.

Realtalk 2012 said: “When I saw this on the news I was filled with so much pride for Leeds and felt finally Leeds is being recognised as a major player in UK cities and one that needs investment and recognition from central government.

“I for one am very much excited about this announcement, clearly at early stages and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realise all options will be explore for greater connectivity such as classic rail lines, bus and coach etc.

“Lets be proud of our great city which is finally making all the right noises and finally being heard on a national and international level.

“This development will cement Leeds position as a major player in UK cities and I for one am very much looking forward to hearing more and the ripple effect this will play in investment in the coming years.”

Yorkydevil said: “I am not in favour of the HS2 in these parts, normally I welcome most building proposals in Leeds.

“If this goes ahead it will be the biggest mistake Leeds have made.”

Rob S said: “From what I’ve just heard, Leeds is now the only major Northern city that hasn’t agreed a devolution deal which is now becoming a major concern, and without it this station plan probably won’t happen, and Leeds will miss out again.”

Bridgit Houghton said on Facebook: “If they’re determined to go ahead with HS2 then it needs to go to the existing train station.

“Having a separate station is just ridiculous.

“People will have to trek across town to change between HS2 and connections to the rest of the north.

“And while they’re at it, make a rail link to the airport, or move the airport to somewhere with a rail line.”

Tony Makin said: “Leeds is a great city its time our transport system matched it our city needs our support I’m backing it 100 per cent love Leeds.”

Sam Walker said: “Believe it when I see it.”

Jennifer Bainbridge added: “Who cares what a train station looks like? It’s as quick as people can get in and out of them.

“Newer trains with extra carriages at peak times would be better way to spend money.”

Melody Vasey said: “We don’t want HS2. We want more train carriages.

“We want better contingency when a train breaks down.

“We want an end to persistent flooding on the line. Invest in our regional railways, not this folly which will only benefit London.”

Johnny Abraham said: “At last - Some sense! Leeds Train Station is in great need of a revamp to bring it up to date and complete with other cities.”

Bex Steel said: “How about sorting the trains and station we already have to accommodate all its passengers before the government spend unjustifiable money on this.”