Your chance to say thanks Mum

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Look up the word mother in a dictionary and the definition probably says something about someone who has given birth to a child.

But we all know our mums are a lot more than that and, on Sunday, March 30, we all have our annual chance to say thanks.

Mothers’ Day is always good news for florists and confectioners but, this year, the Yorkshire Evening Post also wants to hear what makes your mum special.

The best comments and stories submitted by our readers will be used in a special feature ahead of the big day.

Leeds-born Emmerdale star Gaynor Faye and writer Kay Mellor are perhaps one of city’s best-known mother-daughter combinations and, although their careers mean they see a lot of each other and the family, they still see Mother’s Day as a special time.

“Of course reading something on a card that says your children love you is special but it’s nice to have the time to talk or perhaps reminise,” said Kay. “It’s not just about the meterial things or the commercial stuff. It’s just nice to go to my daughters’ homes, have dinner together, catch up wioth the grandchildren and take a bit of time to share family life and have a bit of time to spend together.”

Gaynor agreed, although weekends together are not uncommon, the family tries to make Mothers Day a little different.

“A card and a present have to be in there somehere but my sister Yvonne and I are mothers too so we all get involved,” she said. “I think, when I was younger, there might have been some last-minute card-making but it’s as much about spending some quality time together.

“In the past, we’ve always tried to make it a whole day so we’ve planned trips out or we’ve gone out the the coast for the day, but the important thing has been trying to make it special for mum so she can relax.

“These days, that means we try to spend one day when we don’t talk about work!”

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