Young writers put pen to paper to share Spring tales

Alannah Marsden, 11, from Clapgate Primary School in Leeds.
Alannah Marsden, 11, from Clapgate Primary School in Leeds.
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Young writers across Leeds are celebrating the joys of Spring after their creative efforts proved to be a real page turner.

The YEP revealed the winners of our Spring Story Competition at the weekend and today we are sharing their creative efforts with readers.

Entries by talented young authors Alannah Marsden, 11, and Kate Wareing, 15, were selected by a panel of judges and will now be read at a special event at Leeds Central Library.

The YEP teamed up with the Leeds Library and Information Service for our Spring Story Competition - as part of the newspaper’s Get Leeds Reading campaign.

Runners up were 10-year-old Fathema from Beeston St Francis of Assisi School and Scarlet Rowe, 13, who lives in Roundhay and attends Cardinal Heenan School.

The stories will be read out by children’s author and illustrator Kate Pankhurst, who is behind the Mariella Mystery Investigates series, at the Children’s Library on April 10.


It really felt like the first day of spring. Amongst the snowdrops I saw something sparkling on the grass.

I stomped over to the thing, in a bad mood. I hate spring.

As you can already tell, I’m not a girly girl, skipping amongst the butterflies in my pink dress.

The sparkly thing was a ball of glitter, which put me in an even worse mood. I expected it to be a pound!

Suddenly, a fairy flew out of the glitter ball, and pointed at me with her magic wand. I shrunk down to fairy size and grew hideous pink wings!

“So you hate spring do you? Come with me!” She sang.

I had no choice but to follow. It was pretty cool flying, but not with pink wings! We flew to a farm, and I saw the teeniest lamb being born!

For the first time ever, I was cooing over an animal! “See, Spring means new life” said the fairy. I still wasn’t convinced.

Then she took me to a park. “The trees are pink!” I exclaimed “Yes, spring means new things blossoming!” she explained. “Now, time for you to go home!” She smiled.

We flew back to my house. “Now, I hope you appreciate Spring, and all the wonderful things it brings?”

“Oh yes!” I grinned “I do!”


It really felt like the first day of Spring. Amongst the snowdrops I saw something sparkling on the grass, hidden between delicate grass blades; sheathed by glimmering dew drops. Intrigued, I waded my way through the reeves towards it, still absorbing the beautiful phosphorescence of this setting.

Although it’s image became slightly clearer as I moved closer towards it, it’s detail remained faded; with only it’s slight shimmer amongst the vibrant colours of the verdant countryside surrounding it.

My fingers fumbled within the greenery until I could grasp it - a ring; an exorbitant, lustrous, exquisite gold ring.

Abruptly, my phone blared, with the clock reading 7pm - I was late. Hurriedly, I scurried home, with the ring subconsciously thrusted into my pocket.

Panic struck - it was Mum’s birthday and the thought of a gift hadn’t crossed my mind once.

Upon searching my room, I soon stumbled across the ring, sprinted downstairs and handed it to her.

Tears welled up in her eyes; an unexpected reaction. She clutched me close and whispered: “This ring...”, she gulped, “this ring is the exact engagement ring that your father bought me ten years ago.

It was lost, I never thought it’d be found.

This is the best present I’ve ever received.”

Well, perhaps being disorganised isn’t as bad as it’s always portrayed.


It really felt like the first day of spring. Amongst the snow drops I saw something sparkling on the grass.

At last, they’ve finally rung! I pressed the flashing button hurriedly and a deep husky voice boomed out: “Receiving agent 656?

‘Yes, SIR’ I replied.

‘Meet at the head quarters immediately,’ He ordered.

‘On my way!’

I sensed his desperation.

Sprinting without stopping, I reached the headquarters, there, the whole spy team were waiting for me: Gwenda, James, Andy, Jana and Simon; the boss.

Quickly, they whispered the plan and we set off. This was a very important job; looking ahead, Titas Norman was in one of the canoes, a bulging back pack was weighing down his boat. Titas had dark hair and pale skin, he was frantically rowing. Somehow, he knew we were here. Even so, we knew what to do, four years training wasn’t completed for nothing!

After the count of three Jana and I plunged into the icy cold water, as quiet as mice we swam towards the boat. Signalling across to the others, they flung the rope around it, Titas dodged and sprung into the water, silently Gwenda and I caught him firmly.

‘You’re under arrest!’ I shouted, Titas was too shocked to scream.

We had caught the robber of the Queen’s crown jewels, Mission accomplished!


It really felt like the first day of Spring. Amongst the snowdrops I saw something sparkling on the grass, a twinkling light floated elegantly.

Gabriella followed the stream of light not knowing what was in store for her…

As she followed on, the light continued shining like a star.

Laying on the path before her two green vines appeared.

Breaking the silence, her mother called out, “Gabriella you’re going to be late for school!”

With excitement, wanting to know what was behind these vines Gabriella reluctantly trudged back to her home. What could the glimmering light lead her to?

Returning from school, Gabriella was eager to find out what lay behind those suspicious looking vines.

Without hesitation, she parted them with both hands…. A door! ‘Is it is a secret door,’ she thought to herself, feeling the excitement running through her body.

As she unlocked the door, using the silver key that hung above it, to her amazement a world of fairies awaited her…..