Young Leeds cycling star gears up for latest challenge

Bjoern Koerdt.
Bjoern Koerdt.
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Budding young biker Bjoern Koerdt is just 10 years old but has already won over 100 cycling races.

And last weekend was no exception, with the Bramhope Primary School pupil scooping first place in the under-12 Yorkshire Cyclocross Championship.

Bjoern is such a cycling fan that he rides up to 100 miles a week, and is now gearing up for the Ripley Castle Cyclocross event on New Year’s Day.

He said: “This season was absolutely brilliant. I achieved all my goals.

“I prefer cyclocross to road racing because it is more exciting, as the racing is technically more challenging and a fairer competition overall. You can’t just sit on a wheel and rob someone of their victory.”

Cyclocross involves taking modified bikes off-road for races where riders often need to dismount and run with the bike over their shoulder to avoid obstacles.

Bjoern taught himself to cycle when he was just three years old and has been competing in road racing since he was five.

He turned his talents to off-road cyclocross racing just two years ago.

Bjoern’s father, Lars, who also cycles competitively, said: “Bjoern really is a natural cyclist.

“He picked up a neighbour’s bike and taught himself to ride and has been passionate about cycling ever since.”

Bjoern is the youngest member of the All Terrain Cycles racing team.

Tony Booth, managing director of All Terrain Cycles, said: “Bjoern is the only child we sponsor, but spotting his raw talent two years ago, we felt he deserved a place on the team.

“Bringing young cyclists into the sport is vital and we hope that Bjoern’s success will inspire other youngsters to take part in this exciting sport.”