Young family's terrifying ordeal at hands of armed gang

A family were left traumatised after armed robbers broke into their home in a quiet village near Leeds.

Friday, 17th February 2017, 5:44 pm
Updated Wednesday, 1st March 2017, 8:58 am
The gang pictured on CCTV robbing the Tesco petrol station in Seacroft

The victims, who live in Collingham, told Leeds Crown Court of their ordeal during the trial of four men jailed for their part in a number of horrific raids on properties and businesses across Leeds.

The father was forced to the floor and in the bedroom of the property and had a gun held to his head while another member of the gang shouted "shoot him."

His wife had a knife held to her throat and was threatened with a meat cleaver as they demanded to know where they kept their safe.

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The couple's two children cowered in a bedroom as the raid took place.

The court heard they did not know if they would find their parents dead or alive after the attack.

The couple's son later told a counsellor that he did not know if his legs were going to carry him as he ran to his sister's bedroom because he was so scared.

Watches and diamond rings were taken and the gang also took two cars which were parked outside.

Prosecutor Andrew Espley said it was a "disturbing feature" of the robbery that the gang also stole the family's passports.

Mr Espley read victim impact statements on behalf of the couple who described how the robbery would have long-lasting psychological effects.

The mother's statement read: "Why, of all the houses in Yorkshire did they choose mine?

"Why did they choose to attack my house and my family?

"I am a hard working, loyal person, who has contributed so much to the community.

"I know nothing about them and they know everything about me.

"I live in fear knowing that they know my children's full names, dates of birth and next of kin.

"I cannot find any piece in life. I long for tranquility and a time when I stop becomeing nervous and scared."

The court heard how the raid had had devastating impact on their children. Their son was afraid to sleep in his own bed at night.

On the night of the sonic boom incident in Yorkshire - on May 3 last year - the noise had disturbed the daughter so much that she tried to call the police as she feared the gang had returned.