Yorkshire sex pest pensioner jailed

A pensioner who admits he is a danger to young girls has been given another prison sentence for his third breach of a sexual offences prevention order.

But 67-year-old Denis Lane will only be in custody for about two years instead of the indefinite sentence he asked a judge to impose.

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In 1996 Lane was jailed for 10 years for having sex with an 11-year-old girl and indecently assaulting three other youngsters.

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He was released in December 2003 but just 15 days later he was recalled after he was found to be in possession pictures of children taken from magazines.

Prosecutor Bronia Hartley told Bradford Crown Court that while in prison Lane was twice caught with images of children during searches of his cell and following his release in October 2003 an indefinite sexual offences prevention order was imposed on him by magistrates in Wakefield where he lived.

The order included restrictions on his contact with under 18s and a ban on him attending parks, playgrounds, fairs and circuses.

Lane was sentenced to another three years in jail for the 2007 breach, but was recalled in October this year after staff at a West Yorkshire hostel, discovered five images of children under 10 in an envelope in his room.

Following his arrest Lane also handed over four DVDs of films containing child actors.

Lane told police that he had cut out images from a junior fashion magazine and wanted to go back to prison because he was sick of the hostel.

He said he didn't feel he would ever be able to live in the community as a general member of the public as given the opportunity to re-offend he would,'' said Miss Hartley.

"He said he deemed himself to be such a danger that he should remain in prison until either infirm or dead," she said.

Lane admitted breaching the terms of his order, but the court heard that maximum sentence for that offence was five years.

In a letter to the judge he asked for an indefinite sentence of imprisonment for public protection to be passed.

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