Yorkshire rattled by earthquake

Residents in parts of West Yorkshire were left shaken up by an earthquake last night.

Boffins at the British Geological Survey (BGS) confirmed that a quake measuring 3.6 on the Richter Scale was felt by people living in some areas of the county after it struck 9km north-west of Ripon in North Yorkshire just after 9pm on Monday.

People in Bingley and Skipton and some parts of Leeds reported feeling tremors, which were experienced across Cumbria and West Yorkshire.

The BGS said an earthquake of such size might be felt up to 100km away but was unlikely to cause much damage.

BGS spokeswoman Dr Aoife O'Mongain said: "It would have only lasted for a couple of seconds. And at that strength it is not likely that it would have caused any damage."People living in the vicinity may have felt their windows rattling as if a lorry was going past."

The tremors come after a 3.6-magnitude earthquake hit Cumbria on December 21, and was felt in Lancashire, south-west Scotland, parts of Yorkshire, Northumberland and the Isle of Man.

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