Is Yorkshire on the property naughty or nice list?

With Father Christmas all but ready to visit homes across the UK, leading hybrid estate agent,, has compiled its annual lists to give him a hand based on the increase or decrease in property prices since last December.

Nice Lists

Despite a tough year for the property market, there are plenty of homeowners across the nation that make the nice list with some double-digit property price growth.

Swale in Kent has seen prices increase by 14.4% since last Christmas, the largest across the nation. East Northamptonshire (12.7%), Oadby and Wigston in Leicestershire (12.4%), and Cambridge (12%) have all also enjoyed strong growth at 12% or higher.

Torridge in North Devon (11.8%), Corby which neighbours East Northamptonshire (11.7%), Test Valley in Hampshire (11.7%), West Somerset (10.9%), the Orkney Islands (10.9%) and the London Borough of Merton (10.5%) all also make the cut as this year’s best behaved property markets.

In actual monetary terms, the City of London tops the table, with just a 9.4% increase that equates to over £76,000 gained. Merton and Cambridge also feature along with Waverley in Surrey where homeowners have all seen an increase of over £40,000 since last Christmas.

Naughty List

For those homeowners making the naughty list this Christmas, it’s those in the Shetland Islands that are top, with prices down 21.3% since last December.

Kensington and Chelsea (-8%), Hartlepool (-7.4%), and the City of Westminster are also among the largest, down by more than 5%.

Newcastle (-3.8%), Guildford in Surrey (-2.9%), Hyndburn in Lancashire, the London Borough of Brent (-2.5%), the City of Aberdeen (-1.9%) and Bracknell Forest in Berkshire (-1.5%) all also make the top 10 largest drops.

Unfortunately for London’s most prestigious homeowners, Kensington and Chelsea is also top for largest monetary decrease, down over £100,000 since December of last year (-£109,068)

Founder and CEO of, Russell Quirk, commented: “Despite a hard year for UK property, there is still plenty of areas that can rejoice over strong price growth, defying the wider market uncertainty that has seen an overall slowdown.

These lists highlight the diversity of the market and while there will be no gold, frankincense or myrrh, homeowners across six different UK regions will all enjoy double-digit price growth this Christmas.

Although the other end of the table is equally as diverse, no one likes to make the naughty list, especially when that list relates to the UK’s property lumps of coal.”