Yorkshire office workers more distracted than national average

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Nearly two thirds of office workers in Yorkshire say they are distracted over ten times a day at work,

This compares against a national average of 41.9%, according to new research from Doncaster based office products experts Fellowes.

The Fellowes Productivity report also found that UK office workers are unproductive an average of 21million working days a month, which could cost UK businesses around £3billion a year.

Productivity expert at Think Productive and author of How to be Really Productive Grace Marshall said:“Being distracted diminishes our ability to think clearly and creatively. Many office workers find they get far more work done in the day they work from home, or the hour before everyone else gets into the office - because they have less interruptions and distractions. Flexibility allows us to manage our day, balance the needs of our colleagues and deliver the work we need to get done.”