Yorkshire extremist who tried to join IS in Syria faces jail term

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An extremist who paid an undercover officer as part of a doomed bid to join Islamic State (IS) in Syria is facing jail.

Ghulam Hussain admitted two terror offences after being caught preparing to travel to the murderous group's heartland in the Middle East.

The 30-year-old, of Track Road in Batley, West Yorkshire, had obtained credit cards using false details and bought an airline ticket to travel to Pakistan and return a week later via Turkey.

He also gave a covert agent £160 to fund his accommodation as he journeyed to IS's self-proclaimed caliphate - and offered him practical advice for joining its ranks.

Hussain was arrested as part of a pre-planned "intelligence-led investigation" by the North East Counter Terrorism Unit.

Following his conviction last month, the Counter Terrorism Unit said Hussain told an undercover officer he intended to fight for the terror group in Syria.

He will be sentenced at Leeds Crown Court on Friday.

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