Yorkshire boy's US op success

Gutsy Ben Smithson is on the road to recovery after undergoing pioneering surgery in America.

The nine-year-old, who suffers from cerebral palsy, has spent nearly seven months tirelessly fundraising to help pay for the operation at the St Louis Children's Hospital in Missouri.

The Ilkley youngster needed to raise over 45,000 for the procedure that will help to give him a whole new lease of life and enable him to ditch his walker.

Ben's mum Charlotte praised her son's strength during his recovery from the operation last week.

In a special blog from American she said that he was "so brave".

She added that the whole family, including husband Damian and young son Jacob, had a painstaking wait while Ben was in surgery.

Charlotte Smithson said: "All in all we got through it.

"Ben is just so amazing and strong- we just watch and wait now. We were all feeling very positive about the physio as he had made such huge stride."

In her blog Charlotte said that Ben was starting to perk up from his gruelling surgery and even managed to tuck into a portion of chicken nuggets and chips from his hospital bed.

The procedure, if it is successful, will deactivate the nerves that are not working properly so that Ben's muscles receive the correct information.

Mrs Smithson said that they realised Ben might be able to have surgery after seeing a similar family on the television.

Their child had been sent to America to undergo the pioneering operation.

To follow Ben's progress visit: www.benswishtowalk.co.uk

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