Yorkshire: Arctic weather could be here 'for months' - expert

A lifelong weather watcher who has been monitoring meteorological changes since the 1960s says we should expect another three months of Arctic conditions - and look forward to an annual big freeze for another four years.

Climate enthusiast Robert Brooks, 57, has his own weather station set up at his home in Farsley, Leeds, where he has recently measured ground temperatures of minus 19 C in the snow.

Freezing weather has continued to cause problems on the roads and railways over the weekend and, as the snow begins to thaw, police are warning people to take extra care in icy conditions.

Robert, who has had the station for 15 years, said: "It's the lowest temperatures in the 15 years since I have been keeping records.

"When we set record highs it's in a long hot summer. The reverse is true - statistically the odds are on for this going on until at least February.

"It will be one for the record books next to 1962 and 1963. Very cold winters don't happen singular - they come in batches of two to four


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