York Railway Institute: Rugby players bailed over match injury LATEST

Three rugby union players arrested after an opposition player was injured during a game have been released on bail, police said today.

Tuui Redrava, 30, was injured in an incident during a game between York Railway Institute and Doncaster Thornensians in York on Saturday afternoon.

His condition at Leeds General Infirmary has improved and he is no longer classed as critical, a police spokesman said today.

It is understood Redrava was playing for the York RI side when he was injured during an on-field incident. According to some reports, this was an altercation which broke out just before half-time.

North Yorkshire Police have given no further details about how the player came to be injured.

Three men, aged 19, 21 and 23, and from Doncaster Thornensians, were arrested and bailed in connection with the incident.

The player's club issued a statement on its website yesterday. It said: "Sadly we have to report that one of our back row players was seriously injured in the game against Thornensians and this is now the subject of a police investigation.

"Tuui suffered a serious brain injury and is currently sedated in Leeds General Infirmary, the next week will be critical in his progress.

"The club prides itself on being a family and so the thoughts of all at R.I. are with him and his immediate family who are by his bedside.

"Tuui's mother is being flown from Fiji and the club will do everything it can to make the situation easier for them.

"The RFU has been informed of the situation and all that can be done will be done to assist the investigation.

"Our grateful thanks go to Sarah the physio, Caroline the club steward and players Matt and Dale who all assisted Tuui in very difficult circumstances.

"We are hoping for a speedy recovery and we will keep everyone updated with any progress."

North Yorkshire Police urged spectators at the match to contact York CID.


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