#YEP125: When The Boss played Leeds Roundhay Park in 1985

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The YEP turns back the clock to July 7, 1985 when Bruce Springsteen performed at Roundhay Park in Leeds in front of 80,000 people.

The open air stage was quickly becoming the favoured venue for international superstars including Madonna, Michael Jackson and the Rolling Stones, in 1982.



His three-and-a-half hour set ran into overtime and he had no support act. Two giant video screens put up for those at the back meant all eyes could see.

And what else could he kick-off with but Born in the USA?

Yorkshire Evening Post award-winning photographer Steve Riding recalls the day when he had to cover the concert: “It was a hot day and it was packed. I had to capture The Boss when he first came on stage and I just remember him singing those words: “Born in the USA” and the crowd just went wild. It was a great atmosphere,

“I had to hot foot it from the front of the stage, right to the back to really capture the size 
of the crowd. It was quite a run round to the back to ensure the whole audience was pictured. It is a great memory from the many concerts I have photographed.”

The YEP archives show that the sell-out concert for the rock superstar saw an alcohol ban and police at the time said the crowd was mainly well-behaved, apart from 20 arrests.

There were incidents of forged tickets and some people trying to get in without paying, as a group of people tore down a section of eight-foot high corrugated fencing, to gatecrash. Around 30 people were treated for hand injuries when the crowd broke through a gap in the fence next to the stage.

Check out a photo gallery of images from the gig which we have put together from the YEP archive as part of our 125th birthday celebrations.