YEP says: World-leading limb transplant surgery at Leeds General Infirmary is a feather in cap for city

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OUR admiration for the Leeds hospital team carrying out such pioneering work on hand and arm transplants knows no bounds.

Ground-breaking, world-leading and life-altering surgery is being performed right here in our city.

Today we tell the stories of Tania Jackson, 42, first woman to undergo double hand transplant surgery who says she cannot wait to hold her daughters’ hands and brush their hair again, and John-Paul McGrail, 36, who also received a new arm and hand in another pioneering surgery, after losing his limbs in a road-traffic accident.

Mum-of-three had double hand transplant after limbs turned black in sudden illness

They are among less than half a dozen to have this surgery in Leeds, but they should be the first of many.

Whilst their stories are incredible the surgeon behind it, who has been at LGI for 32 years, is almost matter-of-fact about his work. Professor Simon Kay speaks for us all when he says: “I am enormously proud of everyone and I have a privilege to lead the team of 30 people.”

But he also pays tribute to those who donate their limbs too. “No transplants are possible without the courage of the patients who donate.

“If you want to find the real heroes look at them, they are amazing people.”

We think they’re all amazing, the NHS staff, the donors and the patients themselves. Such stories will give others courage and hope.

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