YEP Says: Why we must get our transport system moving

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leeds is IN many ways a world-class city which performs admirably on the global stage but you would never guess so from its transport network.

After decades of mis-management by all parties, a new inquiry is now being held to find out exactly what is wrong with our system - why we have spent millions of pounds without getting a suitable rapid urban transport system.

We have had time-consuming inquiries before.

Now we have a cross-party scrutiny committee which will essentially be an inquest into the failure of NGT and Supertram which were ultimately scrapped after years of talks.

Why did our transport plan fail so spectacularly when other cities pressed ahead and delivered?

Hundreds of people gathered at Leeds Civic Hall for the summit called after an inspector’s damning report put an end to the trolleybus saga.

Guests put forward their ideas to make Leeds a beacon in urban transport planning.

Politicians admitted they couldn’t get it wrong again. They have to put their hands up, admit past mistakes and get on with the very important job of getting it right – at long last.

We can’t afford the money or the time to be wasted on any more schemes which fail to get off the ground.