YEP Says: We trust that Leeds will not be let down again

Flooding in Kirkstall Road.  27 December 2015.  Picture Bruce Rollinson
Flooding in Kirkstall Road. 27 December 2015. Picture Bruce Rollinson
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‘Trust us’, we’re told, by the the Environment Agency chief heading up the city’s response to the Boxing Day floods.

Unfortunately, trust is not a commodity to be found easily amongst the hundreds of families and businesses affected by the flood waters that swamped parts of the city just over two months ago.

Speaking to the YEP after we voiced fears about predicted long delays in building an enhanced scheme to protect the city, Adrian Gill, area flood risk manager for West Yorkshire, said he promised everything would be done to ensure the programme was accelerated.

Mr Gill is is a senior member of the team tasked with investigating and ultimately implementing as quickly as possible the city’s promised feasibility study into a comprehensive flood defence system, to replace the Government scheme abandoned in 2011.

“We will develop a scheme , we will do the consultations, we will get the approvals and we will get to point where if the funding materialises, we can start on site.”

‘If the funding materialises’. Note those words. We welcome his intentions and commitment - and look forward to action quickly following.

Trust is something to be earned and, once lost, is invariably lost for good.

We trust that the city will not, must not, cannot be let down again.